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NoCapCollege was started by three friends who wished to improve the college experiences of young people. Like many students, the three amigos were told that college would give them all the tools they needed, or at least the foundation, to be successful in life.

Boy were they wrong. But before we get into that, let’s start at the beginning.

NoCapCollege’s co-founder JJ Lieberman was an average student in high school. He had big hopes for college, assuming it would be like Animal House mixed with American Pie, with a little bit of Dazed and Confused. Of course, he expected to learn a lot too.

After entering university in 2015, JJ realized college was far more similar to high school than he expected.

As each semester went by, JJ noticed something interesting: More and more students were dropping out, and most of these students were black; the ones who remained? White.

Simply put, it really seemed like the college system was discriminating against minorities, the disabled and those less fortunate. Especially concerning were the amount of student loans many of his classmates were taking out to pay for school.

JJ Lieberman

JJ came close to dropping out himself. At the end of his first year, his grade point average fell and he was looking at the prospect of needing to spend an extra year, five years total, on his bachelor’s degree.

In 2016, JJ decided to step up his game. He took extra classes and studied harder than ever before. Over the course of one year, he earned 60 college credits through CLEP Tests, extra classes and independent studies.

JJ graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 2018, one year early. He then entered the business world.

In 2019, JJ, along with two other friends, decided to give back what they had learned. That includes both how to be successful academically in college, but also financially and socially. In 2020, NoCapCollege was born.

FYI, no cap means “no lie”, so no cap college really means no lie college. In others words, NoCapCollege shares the latest and most useful information for those going into college, attending school and young adults. Enjoy!

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