White Trash Party | Tips and Ideas

A white trash party is a classic stereotypical get together theme. Common among East Coasters and just about everywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, this party theme makes fun of “low-class” white folk.

What is a White Trash Party?

A white trash party is one in which stereotypical low-class ideals are expressed. Clothing examples include trucker hats, overalls, beer bellies and anything related to Bob Evans or Dollar General.

White Trash Party Ideas

Redneck culture wins here, so anything you have associated with the Southern pride should work. Some examples include:

  • Bandannas – Worn around the neck for added flair.
  • Tank tops
  • Overalls – Acceptable for both guys and gals.
  • Anything related to the Jersey Shore T.V. show, NASCAR, or the State of Florida – Bonus points for anyone who can rock the Pauly D Haircut.
  • Cowboy boots – Wear shorts so people can see them!
  • Pigtails
  • Trucker hats
  • Torn/Old flannel shirts
  • Bolo ties
  • Beer bellies – Stuff some clothes under your shirt.
  • Coonskin caps
  • Prison uniforms
  • American flag apparel
  • Political SWAG from failed Republican candidates – Have a Mike Huckabee 2016 cap? Toss it on.
  • Borat Mankini – Not exactly white trash, but always a spectacle for those brave enough to wear it.

Also make sure to going cheap on the drinks and grub. The lower quality, the better! Thinking about pulled pork? Serve corndogs.

White Trash vs. White Out Party

A white out, or whiteout, party is one in which attendees primarily wear clothes that are white in color. This theme tends to cause far more problems than it’s white trash bash equivalent; because some people seem to think white out means white pride, and dress accordingly.

A white trash party is one that makes superficial fun of white culture, however you want to define it. It’s not meant to be used as a platform to promote bigotry or hate (more on that below).

Tips and Ideas

If you are from the South and or are generally considered Redneck by your friends, feel free to have some fun with this theme. If you are more of an outsider i.e. you attended prep school, it may be best to dress more conservatively and show some ironic Southern hospitality.

Avoid any garb that may appear confrontational or offensive: That means anything related to the Civil War and Civil Rights, period.

My Party Experience

I actually never had the chance to attend a white trash bash, but our student section did occasionally use the white out theme when attending sports games, specifically basketball.

The funny thing about the white out theme is that some people got the white out and white trash themes confused and showed up in bizarre white trash getups, whereas everyone else was just wearing a white t-shirt. It was pretty funny to see a sea of white with a guy in the middle dressed like John Wayne.


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