Wizard Staff Drinking Game | Tips and Ideas

Wizard staff, also known as the Wisest Wizard, is a popular drinking game among college students.

Wizard Staff Rules

Wizard staff is an easy game to play: All players start with a can of whatever drink they want. Once they finish drinking that can, they duct tape a new can to the top of it. As the game goes on the “staff” gets longer and longer, which in turn makes it harder and harder to consume the newest can.

Wizard staff has many variations. Some rules dictate taking a shot or eating a hot pepper after ever three cans. In other games, players choose to duel every 5 cans, or so. That means two wannabe wizards use their staffs like swords and try to break the other wizard’s staff.

If a participant’s staff breaks, they must re-start their staff with the portion they are still holding. Hence, it is important to securely duct tape one’s staff as the game progresses.

Note: Do not try to actually attack the other participant with your staff. Wizards are classy beings who rely on spells, so do not hack at your opponent like a river troll.

Once the staff reaches a certain pre-determined length of the group’s choosing (10 cans, taller than the player, etc.), they are declared the winner, wisest wizard or Harry Potter. They then win the prize, which is usually a cheap wizard hat.

Item’s Needed

  1. 24-packs of drinks – Can be soda, beer or other nonalcoholic beverages.
  2. Duct Tape
  3. Chaser – Hard liquor, hot peppers, etc.
  4. A grand prize
  5. (Optional) Wizard Clothing/Garb

My Thoughts and Tips on Wizard Staff

The most important part of wizard staff is to make sure you secure your staff with adequate duct tape as the game goes on. If you don’t it is going to continually break as you duel your opponents.

As with any drinking game, make sure to drink responsibly. Always have water on hand. Of course, if you are using soda or another soft drink, have some fun with it. One variation uses sparkling water, and every three cans consumed the players have to down a half-shot of tabasco sauce.

Wizard staff is usually played outside (no one wants a mess on their floor), during the day. So, always make sure to remain hydrated. One point of the “staffs” is to draw attention so you can make friends. Hence, this game is popular on college campuses during theme weeks.


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